Richard Nishman: We must stand strong with Israel |

Richard Nishman: We must stand strong with Israel

Richard Nishman

Regarding “It’s time to let Israel fend for itself,” SDN Sept. 18:

Emilio Camus spews his overt anti-Semitism and woeful ignorance of world current events. He uses for cover the most inept president of our time and devout anti-Semite Jimmy Carter. Radical Muslims don’t hate us because of our support for a free and democratic Israel. They hate us because we are not them. We are not backward and hateful, we do not live in the stone age, we don’t abuse women or subjugate them.

How does Mr. Camus explain Muslim terrorist acts in Britain? The Brits don’t support Israel, and don’t care much for Jews. But they are Christians (not Muslims). What about the enormous Muslim terrorist train bombing in Spain? Again, Spain is not an avid supporter of Israel, but they are Christains. See a pattern? They want to kill anyone that isn’t them, oh, and sometimes they kill themselves as well. Not a great model to follow.

They offer hatred, and a perversion of biblically driven law (Koran). They accept no freedom of thought, religion, or differences of opinion. Just look at Saudi Arabia, a relatively moderate Arab state. Try to practice another religion there, not happening.

Mr. Camus is willing to sacrifice a free and democratic state, Israel, in the hopes that by appeasing terrorists our country might be spared. Well don’t be fooled,their message is clear: Destroy Israel first, then the U.S. next, and all “infidels” to follow. Sacrificing the only democratic state in the region is an early step in sacrificing ourselves.

We must stand strong for our beliefs. Giving up our friends because we think we might be spared is a sure way to assure our own destruction.

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