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Rick Hansen: Don’t believe lies about Obama

Rick Hansen

In response to Mr. Fanning’s letter (SDN, Oct. 17):

I think the only line that Mr. Fanning had correct in his letter was the title (“Wake up America”). Being an independent, the differences are so apparent not only in politics between the parties, but the way they conduct themselves in the media, (and letters to the editors). With all of the right wing anger and lies, I decided to go into a little of McCain’s “hidden” background. McCain’s background is eerily similar to our current president in charge. Born into privilege and money and fell into mediocrity by personal choices and spoiled childhoods, has had issues with outlandish behavior, and substance abuse but they both kept on climbing the ladder because of connections with family and friends.

McCain didn’t have the grades from the Naval Academy to get into War College (graduated second from the bottom of his class), so he had his father pull strings to get him in.

Mr. McCain courted his current wife while he was still married to his first wife, and I have a hard time believing that if Obama did this, that America would think of him the same way.

Talking with my family members who were in the Navy, usually you would lose your wings if you crashed a plane once. McCain crashed three planes and never saw repercussions for it because of his father and grandfather’s backgrounds.

Hiring the same people that smeared him on his last campaign is just awful judgement.

So, Mr. Fanning, please stick to the real issues that matter in this country and not rumored or falsified stories/backgrounds of Mr. Obama, because McCain’s factual background is more embarrassing and scary for America than the smear tactics used on Obama. So yes ” wake up America! Look at the facts and stop buying into the lies.

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