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Ridiculous, but fun to watch Ashton

Special to the Daily

So … I wasn’t expecting much entering the romantic comedy “What Happens in Vegas” starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz.

Yet, I was drawn in by Kutcher, and found entertainment in watching the latest from the “Punk” creator and Demi Moore-loving leading man.

With “What Happens in Vegas,” I find Kutcher to be rolling down the same road as another romantic comedy usual ” Freddie Prinze Jr. They seem to play the same roles, just with different leading ladies.

There’s another moment in “What Happens in Vegas” when Kutcher is wearing a tuxedo and his hair and demeanor are appropriate for the black-tie event he is attending. Here he’s got a sort of Pierce Brosnan sexiness, except with Ashton it’s with a younger, sexier, sexy.

Similarities to Freddie and Pierce aside, I was also also intrigued to see Kutcher use the same comedic acting style he utilized for the stoner comedy (a favorite of mine), “Dude, Where’s My Car.” While the two movies share the general genre of comedy, his roles in both are so different, I shouldn’t be reminded of one when watching the other, but I was.

Let’s see … the plot. It revolves around a ridiculous court order, wherein the two who married in Vegas on a drunken night are supposed to try and work out a real marriage, or else their counselor Queen Latifah will report them.

It’s complicated by the fact that moments after the two newlyweds make it clear to each other that the night before was a mistake, there is a convoluted exchange whereby Kutcher takes a quarter from Diaz and suddenly the ownership of a $3 million slot machine winning is at stake.

Their characters names are Jack and Joy, but it’s the Cameron and Ashton we’ve grown to know.

“What Happens in Vegas” is likely a winner in the date-movie category, as there was nothing really to offend and it is often situationally funny. A winner‚ that is, if you make an exception for its lack of anything to say.

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