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Right Brain: Arlyss Becker

Summit Daily/Brad Odekirk Arlyss Becker, Painting

There is a special place Arlyss Becker goes to as an artist to sketch, paint, meditate and plan new paintings and visual statements. It is rocky prominence on a rugged coastline. She feels ownership and responsibility for this small corner of the world; it gives her comfort, inspiration, artistic challenges and a hard flat surface to spread out my supplies and easel. Her exhibit at Lord of the Mountains Lutheran Church in Dillon is about those places people go to find their comfort zone or sacred place. Some of her landscape paintings relate to special places, while others offer solace or remind viewers of a special song, words, person or event.”The series I call ‘Touched Ones’ is a group of 10 paintings that form a timeline that has the feeling of a path or journey from darkness and storm to lightness and an open door. My purpose is to affect observers in such a way that they will be touched,” Becker said.She will be at an opening reception from 1-3 p.m. Sunday at Lord of the Mountains. The exhibit runs through March 27.

I’d like to express ideas visually that allow and encourage people to think about what is around them and what makes them see, feel, act, react and live their lives. I’m not interested in portraying accurate depiction of objects, panoramas, portraits and architecture.Why do art?My time making art energized my life; it gives me passion, and it enriches my personal and social well-being. I try to convey a sense of time and place in my art work that will challenge myself and viewers to reconsider our aesthetic perception. I like it when viewers ask questions; my answers are not as important as what viewers find for themselves.Art gives me a reason to be. It is a passion, long held inside, now calling me daily. I can’t ignore the call and the pleading from within.

My biggest challenge has been switching gears from teaching to doing. I’m still working on the resolution.AccomplishmentI’m proud of two things. One is having wonderful students who have succeeded and let me know of their success and continuing art work. The other is having an art show after my teaching retirement showing the changes in my visual expression over several years. I had the amazing good fortune to have wonderful reactions and support from many who had not seen my work previously.

I stay motivated by viewing other art work, reading as much as I can, involving myself with art critique groups and maintaining a sense of humor about the worth of my work.When you’re not doing art?When I’m not doing art work, I’m enjoying family and friends, traveling, taking classes, reading and exercising to keep my body functioning.

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