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Right Brain: Denise Moser

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The Breckenridge Art of Dance studio, opened by Denise Moser in January of 2005, wasn’t her first go at opening a studio. Moser ran the original location in Pennsylvania for 12 years before heading West to the mountains. And before that she said her mother had her in dance lessons since she was 2 1/2 years old.Through her experience, Moser learned her own philosophy on dance.”I was a competition judge in the past. I’ve done that whole thing,” she said. “I don’t believe kids get as much out of competing as performing.”She said many of her students aren’t headed for Broadway and are involved in many activities other than dance. “Why should they get cut down (at a competition),” she said. “After a performance they’re on cloud nine. They did the best they could, are not judged and are giving it their all. For me, that’s what it’s all about.”

Moser’s studio is moving again, but not too far. This month she changes locations in Breckenridge from Airport Road to Main Street at the former Masonic Lodge, Abby Hall.On Sunday, Moser’s students are performing their annual dance recital at 5 p.m. at the high school. The show, “Gotta Dance,” will feature dancers from all different age groups performing ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and point.What are your dreams/what would you like to do with your art?I feel I am living my dream, which is to continue spreading “the art of dance.” I really want my students to understand how dance truly is an art. I want them to explore self-expression through movement, as well as gaining their self-confidence. I try to convey to them that being a good dancer does not simply depend on how high they can kick or leap, it goes much deeper than that. When I see a student that gives it her all and truly feels the movement from within, that to me is a “good dancer.” This is the student that can take this experience much further in life. They will feel more at ease in front of a crowd and they will feel more comfortable sharing their ideas and expressing themselves.

What has been your biggest challenge, and how did you deal with it?It has been a big challenge to start from scratch in building my school again. We are very excited to announce our new studio location at 136 S. Main Street in Abby Hall across from the Riverwalk Center. To have a dance studio at this location is a dream in itself.The view alone is absolutely incredible. The dance studio has beautiful wood floors, high ceilings, plenty of dance space, and the new mirrors were just installed. We will have our summer classes in this new location beginning June 12. How do you stay fresh/motivated?

Meeting new students, watching old students progress and listening to their ideas help keep me motivated. Denise Moser- Type of art: Dance- Personality: Extrovert/Introvert: Extrovert- Favorite artist/mentor: Dance teacher LaVaughn Robinson

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