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Right Brain: Jesse Lee

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In college in Missouri, Jesse Lee found what made him most happy – playing music. He said it was then that he first picked up an electric bass guitar and since then he’s taught himself to play acoustic guitar and mandolin. He also made his way through Washington, Arizona and Hawaii, before settling in Summit in 2001.Currently working full-time at Pioneer Sports in Frisco, Lee hopes his original tunes will create a career of their own.”I think that’s my goal,” he said. “I’d like to figure out how to make a living making music.”He said inspiration for new songs is sporadic, sometimes coming up with five songs in a couple weeks and other times he’ll go a year without writing. But regardless, he said the payoff is in playing it live.”Performing is the finish of the circle for me,” Lee said. “For me, somebody out there singing the song and relating to the story -that’s where it’s at.”He describes his sound as folksy and rock ‘n’ roll, but mainly stresses that he hopes it is original.Lee is playing Monday nights at Po’ Boys in Frisco.What are your dreams/what would you like to do with your art?

Honestly, I want to go into a CD shop and see my albums for sale, or even turn on the radio and hear my tune. I’d love to be recognized as a real artist and musician throughout the world or even just throughout the region. What does art give you/why do you do it? The people I idolize the most are singers and musicians. People who have something to say lyrically, people who bring out the best in others through their music. I want my music to bring out emotions in people … happiness, despair, loss, gain … I want to speak about the world as I see it. I play music because it’s a dream I have that never fades. I am continually inspired by music.What do you try to convey through your art? Strength in personal spirit. I like to intermingle major and minor keys to portray emotion.What is/has been your biggest challenge, and how do/did you deal with it?

I guess you wonder if the songs will stop coming to you. As a songwriter, I feel as though I channel music and lyrics. It’s as if they exist in a void and are funneled down through my mind and out my fingertips. I think one has to continually look at the world creatively, and never let inspiration fade.What are you most proud of regarding your art (and/or greatest accomplishment)? There are songs I’ve written that after I play them, I feel empowered by them. To perform an original song and have people respond positively is one of my greatest accomplishments with my art.How do you stay fresh/motivated? Love life, face challenges head on, and perform. You can sit on the couch and play for an empty room and I get bored with it, but inviting a friend over to jam, or playing a live show keeps me fresh.What do you do when you’re not making art?

Working at Pioneer Sports. Hanging out with my wife and my dog. Snowboarding at Copper Mountain. Hanging out with good friends.Jesse LeeType of art: Singer/SongwriterPersonality: Extrovert/Introvert: ExtrovertHours per week dedicated to art: 10Favorite artist/mentor: Bob MarleySensitivity: 1-10 , 10 being highest: 7Artist website: http://www.jesseleemusic.com

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