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Right Brain: Josh Galvin

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While many singer/songwriters would be happy to have covers done of their songs, most want the songs to become famous along with themselves, the original writer. But this is not true of local singer Josh Galvin.

“I don’t pretend to have rock star ambitions,” the longtime Summit County resident said. Instead, he hopes a major artist will take one of his originals, and do it up big.

“Going out and playing is not something I’m inclined to do, but friends in the music business tell me I have to go out and play. So I’ve been forcing myself to go out.

“I’m getting more comfortable and it’s a lot of fun,” he said. Galvin has been taking his tunes to the stage for just the last couple of years in his more than 20 in Summit County. He’s played Alma Fest for two years along with some continuing gigs in Breck and Denver.

Galvin is now a real estate agent, but before that was a full-time ski patroller at Breckenridge for more than 25 years. Back then his performance creativity was expressed through a kids show he and fellow ski patroller Jim Moloney created, called “The Opie and Dopey Show.”

The ski safety program for kids garnered a great deal of attention (not only from the kids he was teaching at local schools) but also from local and Denver media for its interactive way of teaching children.

Galvin said of the 20-year project, “The Opie and Dopey Show is the legacy that I’m most proud of. If we were able to prevent even one kid from getting hurt on the mountain, I’d say it’s a success.”

The slide shows, featuring toy dolls Opie and Dopey, were photographed by Galvin.

“It made me think in a different way,” he said of creating the story line through slides. “I wrote like a film director … and had to plan out the different sequences to make it all melt together.”

His teaching partner now gone, Galvin is focusing on the music, and has begun recording it to hear himself better and learn the process of making a CD.

At the Barn studio in Fairplay where he’s laying down tracks, he said he’s already gotten better at his delivery through the experience.

Galvin is filling in for a fellow musician performing at the Valdoro Mountain Lodge from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Mondays.

I hope that my songs have the strength, character and appeal to attract a diverse audience. Though most of my songs are of a personal nature, I try and write them in a way that others can also identify with. My goal is to have major artists cover some of the songs I’ve written.

Playing guitar is like having a friend who will never let you down. It creates another language for expressing yourself. It’s a continual process and there’s always something new and exciting to learn. At the very least … playing guitar over time increases your music appreciation exponentially. If you can transfer an emotion, sentiment, feeling, idea, humor, etc. to another human being through music and verse … then you are communicating on a different level and you are transcending some of the more mundane avenues of communication.

When I am performing I try to share a part of myself that most people would normally never see.

” Leslie Brefeld

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