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Right Brain: Joy Schultz

Laura Reichardt
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Special to the Daily/Joy Schultz

– Type of Art: Pastels

– Personality: “Very rich inner life, but I also love people.”

– Hours per week dedicated to art: 24/7/365

– Favorite artist/mentor: Bonnard and Robert Burridge

– Artist website: http://www.joyschultz.com


For some, the loss of a teenage son to suicide would force them into a grief from which they might never recover. Not so for Joy Schultz.

Schultz’s son committed suicide three years ago, something she describes as her “greatest challenge.” Rather than turning inward however, Schultz focused on what she could do for others. This outgoing painter doubles as a teacher, encouraging and inspiring others to overcome their fear and discover their passion.

“I dealt with [the suicide] by basically stopping everything to ask help from God. I am still doing that. The most loving answer that helps me all the time is the idea that to have, you need to give all you have ” what you are ” to the world.”

Schultz teaches art at Arapahoe Community College Community Education at Colorado Free University, as well as in her home. She will be conducting acrylic painting workshops this July for the Arts District of Breckenridge.

Every day I start off with quiet time and meditation. This is my source of strength and inspiration. I also love to look at other artists’ work, especially in magazines and books. I love to play and experiment and try out new things I read or hear about.

I would love to share my art/my Self with the world and inspire people. Just lately I am really wanting to do art about “radical self acceptance” (Sabrina Harrison’s phrase) and want to create art help us let go of everything that keeps us feeling separate.

I love the idea of hanging art in public places so it can be shared with more people. I would also very much like to put together a book with my writing and images.

Art helps me to look fear in the face so I can heal it. It also gives me great joy and freedom. And I am so grateful for all the wonderful people I have developed relationships with through teaching.

I started drawing again while homeschooling my children. When they went to school I took a … pastel painting class at the Art Students League of Denver.

I started messing around with acrylics two years ago to have a media that did not have to be framed or under glass.

The main focus of my life is spiritual. I spend a lot of time reading, writing, meditating and walking or jogging. I also teach quite a bit.

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