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Right click your way to convenience


If you’re like some PC users, you’ve used a mouse for years, but have never ventured into the land of the “right mouse button.” What lies in the uncharted territory of the right click? It’s a territory definitely worth exploring as it leads to a world of handy shortcuts. Every version of Windows since 95 has supported the right mouse button, but it continues to remain an under-used utility. Wherever you are in Windows, the button brings up a “context sensitive” menu, meaning a menu that relates to the application or utility you’re in. You’ll be presented with a Word menu when clicking on a document, a desktop management menu when clicking on your desktop, and so on.

To help you take that first step, we’ve put together a list of our favorite right-click tricks:– Starting with the desktop, while on an empty space, right click and select “Arrange Icons” to easily rearrange icons; or select “New” to open a new folder. You can also access the “Properties” menu to customize the appearance of your desktop. — While on a file icon on the desktop (or in a folder), right click for a range of options including Print, Open, Delete and Rename. One of our all-time favorites in this menu is Send To. When e-mailing a file to a friend, rather than opening Outlook, composing an e-mail and attaching a file, instead try selecting the file you want to send first, then right click. Select “Send to Mail Recipient” and presto, your file is on its way with fewer keystrokes. — On the toolbar, you can right click to modify the taskbar or the toolbar itself. And, another of our all-time favorites, right clicking on the toolbar will give you easy access to the desktop instead of minimizing all your open windows one by one.

— When in Word, highlight a portion of the text, then right click to select Cut, Copy and Paste; or to format the text with underlining, bolding, etc.– In Excel, you can use the right mouse click to quickly access common actions, such as Cut/Copy/Paste, Format Cells, Insert/Delete, etc. — In PowerPoint, if you right click over a text box or picture, you can change innumerable options, such as borders, fills and placement.

— In Internet Explorer, by right clicking on a link, you’ll access another of our all-time favorites – Open in New Window. Use this method to access several different pages quickly without having to use the back key to return to the original page. Another handy shortcut in Internet Explorer is right clicking on a picture. You’ll be able to easily save the picture, print it or send it to a friend.Next time you have a free moment, take a few minutes to explore the wonders of the right mouse click. You’ll find shortcuts you never knew existed and will certainly be able to streamline your keyboarding. Go ahead, take the chance!For more information, e-mail clickandhack@friscocomputerstore.com.

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