Road rager arrested after throwing water cup at car |

Road rager arrested after throwing water cup at car


SUMMIT COUNTY – A man called police recently to report a road rage incident on Highway 9 near Breckenridge. A sheriff’s deputy spotted the suspect car parked in a handicapped space in front of the Breckenridge City Market. The driver told the deputy he wasn’t handicapped, but he felt it was OK to park there because he had seen “two fat ladies” park in the spot and walk into the grocery store. The deputy then interviewed the original caller, who said the man had tailgated him from Farmer’s Korner into Breckenridge, swerving from side to side like a race car warming up its tires. The man then threw an object at his car, the caller told the deputy.The man parked in the handicapped spot admitted to tossing a full cup of water at the other driver’s car. He was arrested for careless driving, improper use of disabled parking and throwing missiles.Speaking of road-rage incidents involving water, a similar situation occurred the week earlier on Ute Pass Road north of Silverthorne.A woman called police to report that a bicyclist had pitched a full plastic water bottle at her vehicle, hitting the driver’s side window. She pulled over and spoke with the cyclist, who accused her of running him off the road the week before.A dispute ensued, and the woman ultimately drove to a nearby house to call police because she felt threatened by the cyclist.The cyclist told the deputy that when he saw the car, he decided to try to stop it to confront the driver who he believed ran him off the road previously. He was cited for disorderly conduct and throwing missiles at vehicles.Yes, you can get a DUI on a bikeRiding a bike home from the bar may seem like a good alternative to getting behind the wheel, but drunken pedallers can find themselves headed for the county jail just as easily as drivers can.A sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to the Keystone area around 1 a.m. recently for an intoxicated person on a bicycle. The deputy spotted the suspect riding his bike the wrong way down Highway 6. He had bloodshot, watery eyes and slurred speech. The man said he’d had “a few” to drink and agreed to a sobriety test, which he failed.The deputy arrested him for failure to ride a bicycle in the right lane and DUI. He spent the night in jail.Other DUIs:• Breckenridge police arrested a man for DUI after spotting his wrecked vehicle in a gravel parking lot on N. Park Avenue at 3:45 one morning. The SUV was sitting on a hillside with its headlights on. The driver was passed out in the driver’s side. A strong smell of burning rubber filled the air, and the police officer saw that the car’s right rear passenger side rim was missing a tire. The shredded tire was found in the dirt behind the car. Police woke up the driver by continually shaking him, but he said he didn’t know where he was or what happened to his car. He failed a sobriety test and spent the night in jail.• A sheriff’s deputy approached a vehicle parked near Breckenridge and noticed the driver was asleep in the driver’s seat and the car’s ignition was on. The deputy woke up the driver, who smelled of alcohol, and asked him to step outside the car. The driver refused and attempted to put the car in park. The deputy turned off the vehicle and took the keys, at which time the driver finally exited the car. He then unzipped his pants and relieved himself on the side of his vehicle. He failed a sobriety test and was taken to jail. Police arrest man driving with hood up against windshieldSheriff’s deputies were summoned to the Summerwood subdivision near Dillon recently around 4:30 a.m. on a drugs call. The caller reported that he had been given some bad drugs and was going to drive himself to the hospital. On the way to the man’s home, the deputy saw a vehicle driving down the street with its hood up against the windshield. The deputy approached the vehicle, which had stopped, and could tell the driver was either very drunk or on drugs by his behavior. The driver got out of his car and asked the deputy if he was the police. Upon hearing the deputy’s affirmative answer, the man jumped back in his car and drove away on Highway 6 with the hood still fully blocking his view.He continued driving erratically at a speed of about 45 miles per hour with several police officers in pursuit. The driver finally stopped in the center median, and was arrested after a struggle with both police officers and firefighters at the scene.People at the Summerwood home confirmed the man had done two hits of acid, a hit of ecstasy and a hit of a new designer drug.Nicole Formosa can be reached at (970) 668-3998, ext. 13625, or at

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