Roadwork misery |

Roadwork misery

Is it just me or does everyone have something to say about the roadwork going on in Summit County? I certainly hear everyone talking about it. Traffic. Congestion. Why now? Why all at once? I”ve read articles about it. We’re given answers. Sort of.

I understand Summit County has a limited season in which to build and repair. I realize that time is of the essence and that we must weather the weather. Cracks form faster and the holes widen quicker. Still, in the time that I’ve lived here, I’ve seen the orange cones used to block cars to beautify the road, widen the road, plant flowers, hang flags, bury lines, lay pipes and dig ditches. There is a lot of work to be done.

Given the situation and the vast amount of work, doesn’t it make sense that planners would devise a grand scheme from May to November? Wouldn’t you think those in charge would spread out the heavy loads, separate projects that are near? Couldn’t the beautiful stone work or important decorative flags be postponed until after the pressing issues?

Currently, there are roadwork projects covering Silverthorne and Dillon. Does it make sense to choose the busiest time of the summer to launch these projects? Why do both the dam road and Interstate 70 get backed up at the same time? Do planners realize that I-70 is an interstate? People are trying to get to Indiana, not just to the Frisco Safeway.

There are more orange cones and people holding “slow/stop” signs than there are traffic lights, or so it seems. Maintenance crews have given new meaning to the word “bottleneck.” Sometimes, I wonder if I’ve been transported to New Jersey.

Finally, let’s chat about timing. Does all the roadwork need to be accomplished between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.? Crews across the rest of the country work nights. I’ve heard and read that days became so congested recently that night work is taking place. Perhaps that will clean up some of the traffic. However, I still think a team of middle school engineers could have planned for roadwork better than what we’ve got in place.

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