Roan Plateau options include directional drilling |

Roan Plateau options include directional drilling

DENVER (AP) – The U.S. Bureau of Land Management will do another environmental analysis of drilling on Colorado’s Roan Plateau looking at a range of options, including banning oil and gas drilling directly on top.

The agency announced its plan Friday in response to a ruling by a federal judge in June faulting it for not following protocol when it approved drilling on the plateau, which looms over the Colorado River.

The BLM said it will also look at requiring energy companies to access oil and gas under the surface of the plateau by drilling directionally into its sides, leaving the surface undisturbed, as well as allowing existing leases to continue. Cancelling existing leases is also a possibility.

Bill Barrett Corp. has appealed the June ruling and has said directional drilling there isn’t feasible.

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