Roaring Fork high schools closed after Carbondale police told of threat |

Roaring Fork high schools closed after Carbondale police told of threat

Roaring Fork School District high schools are closed today and elementary and middle schools are on “lockout” but holding classes after Carbondale police fielded an anonymous threat of violence against an unspecified school.

“We received word from the police of an anonymous threat that was made in an online forum,” said Kelsy Been, public information officer for the district. “All schools were placed on lockout while the police can look into the threat.”

She said later in a news release that an 18-year-old senior made threats of violence against his or her school in an online forum. 

“While the threat was anonymous, the IP address was traced to the Carbondale area,” the release said. “We have no other information about the student or his intentions at this time, but local law enforcement is actively investigating this threat.”

The lockout occurred just as students and teachers were arriving for school, causing confusion as parents who were dropping off younger students were turned away. Been did not say if school bus routes were reversed.

“We wanted to be cautious and err on the side of safety for our students and staff,” she said.

A lockout means that all doors are locked, staff is on high alert and additional law enforcement are at the schools.  

The school districts asked anyone with information about the threat to call Carbondale Police Chief Gene Schilling at 970-963-2662, or your local police department.

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