Robert Murphy: What, exactly, is the ‘petitioner class?’ |

Robert Murphy: What, exactly, is the ‘petitioner class?’

Dear Mr. Liddick: I am curious about your term “petitioner class.” You do not fully explain it, though it is a theme woven through your columns. Am I right in guessing that you refer to the same group when you mention the “chattering classes,” and the “perpetually offended?” If so, I can glean some identifying characteristics:

The petitioner class engages in “hyberbolic rhetoric.” One thing this group lacks is a “sense of history.” One thing it does not lack is a “willful ignorance of fact.” The petitioner class places its “emphasis on feeling and … embrace of emotion, rather than reason.” The petitioner class has a historical antecedent from the French Revolution, in the form of the instigators and leaders of the Reign of Terror (yikes!). Also they hate Christmas.

What a bunch of clowns, this petitioner class! Mean, scary clowns. However, most of this can also be attributed to Tom Tancredo, whom you urged people to vote for in the last gubernatorial election. So what’s the difference?

This part is a little more difficult to discern, but as best I can tell, the petitioner class is composed of people who disagree with your positions on health care, immigration, education, taxation, the nature of human and civil rights, the magical, wonderful virtues of the free market, etc. At least this explains why Tancredo gets a pass.

I know you’re busy educating us on how history, fact and reason all inevitably lead to your particular brand of conservative viewpoint, and how the rest of us are categorically stupid, overly emotional, entitled and potentially murderous, and for that I thank you. But if you could take the time to enlighten us a little further regarding this petitioner class, clearly the enemies of all that is good and true, it would be greatly appreciated.

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