Rock the rainbow: Vail salon offers hair color with the ‘wow’ factor |

Rock the rainbow: Vail salon offers hair color with the ‘wow’ factor

Sam Lucas, hairstylist and colorist at The Salon in Edwards, said her clients requesting rainbow coloring range from teens to women in their 70s. Prices range from $95 to $200 for a full head of color or $25 to $30 per streak for a streaky effect.
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The Salon, located at 34253 U.S. Highway 6 in Edwards, offers rainbow hair coloring for $25 to $200. Too shy to boast a colorful head of hair? The Salon also offers traditional coloring services, which includes a blow dry. A retouch starts at $55, and full color starts at $72. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; call 970-926-3157 for an appointment.

As you star gaze through your Instagram feed, one celebrity after another is daring to show off the vibrant hair color trend. From the most recent Kylie Jenner rainbow braid at Coachella to Gwen Stefani’s post-divorce dipped locks to Keke Palmer’s baby blue bangs, this hair color trend has been making its way into the salons of real women and has arrived in the High Country.

When Sam Lucas, hairstylist and colorist at The Salon in Edwards, arrived in Vail three years ago with tresses epitomizing the full color spectrum, people were wary about her professionalism.

“When I first moved here, people looked at my hair and were hesitant about what kind of colorist I was. But then, they started requesting me for color, asking for the ‘girl with the purple hair,’ and now, I average two to three vivid color appointments a week,” she said.

Since then, she has seen a significant increase in interest and curiosity. Her clients requesting rainbow coloring range from teens to women in their 70s.

“It’s been a slow-moving trend in Vail, but I’ve noticed that it is definitely becoming more and more popular, especially now that the ski season is over,” she said.

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Stephanie Frietsch, owner of The Salon, helped bring this Technicolor trend to the Vail Valley, as she has been using striking pigments on her clients for the past five years.

“I started out with one client asking for purple hair, and then it started to become the new cool thing to do, particularly with all of the celebrities coloring their hair. I think it all started when Kelly Osbourne dyed her hair purple in 2012,” she said.

She has seen the color trend become more widespread in the past few months, especially when the valley was gearing up for the Pink Vail cancer-fighting fundraiser. She booked appointments for a lot of new and existing clients for both full pink processing and pink-hued strands.

“We are the only salon that keeps this type of color on the shelf, which makes The Salon easily accessible to our existing clients and new ones,” Frietsch said. “Over-the-counter colors fade out quickly, but, when done in the salon, we use a system that helps maintain the richness of the color.”

Dying hair a nontraditional color is a process that you need to commit to. Prices range from $95 to $200 for a full head of color or $25 to $30 per streak for a streaky effect. Lucas said many of her clients would do “peek-a-boo” or a streak of color behind their ears, something that you don’t see all of the time but will catch your eye when hair is swept up into a ponytail.

“Usually, people will get a few streaks to ease into the color,” Lucas said. “It’s perfect for students when summer comes, and I’ve seen a lot of professionals, like doctors and nurses, get peek-a-boo colors, so it’s not as noticeable at work but can been shown off after hours.”

One of Lucas’ clients, Marcy Tracy, co-owner of Second Skin Boutique and Sew Fantastic in Avon, colored her hair for the first time a few weeks ago.

“I was a fully gray-silver in my 30s, and now I’m in my 70s and thought it would be fun to do a silvery-purple,” she said. “It’s really cool, and I love it. You can do this at any age. Age didn’t stop me from doing it.”

One of Frietsch’s clients, Gail Olson, a new mother and personal trainer in Edwards, has been doing a blue streak for a year and welcomed the change, especially when her 8-month-old daughter was born.

“I love coloring my hair from time to time,” she said. “Whatever is wild and fun, as long as it’s a rare look that no one really has, I’m going for it.”

The coloring process begins with pre-treatments to save the integrity and porosity of the hair. Depending on your hair color or if you have previously colored hair, your colorist will determine how light you can go. Plan on a three to four-hour appointment, as it takes time for the vivid color to sit. It is recommended that you don’t wash your hair every day and to wash with cool or cold water to reduce fading. Touch ups can be done every two months, or clients who want a more muted shade can go longer to see how the colors fade.

“It’s good to wash with a sulfate-free, paraben-free shampoo and to use dry shampoo on non-wash days,” Lucas said. “I also suggest to clients that they use a deep conditioner each time they wash and to even leave in the conditioner overnight to protect hair from damage.”

Now that summer is approaching, she anticipates more color requests for warmer tones such as oranges, deeper pinks, yellows and reds.

“People are more open to coloring now that their hair isn’t hidden under a ski or snowboard helmet. It’s lot of upkeep, but worth it if you want to express yourself,” she said. “Anyone can pull it off; you won’t know until you try.”

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