Rockne: Breck taxpayers should not pay for council members’ health care |

Rockne: Breck taxpayers should not pay for council members’ health care

Breck taxpayers should not pay for council members’ health care

For all the many years Breckenridge has had a town council, we have seen many qualified people serving on the council. They have given of their time selflessly, worked hard, put in many hours, did a commendable job even though sometimes criticized, and have not taken advantage of their positions of trust and are doing the best for Breckenridge and its citizens. I think we have a beautiful town as a result.

However, today we may see a paradigm shift in the council. They are voting for something that is not for the benefit of the people, the tax payers, nor for the betterment of Breckenridge and its future but something solely for themselves as individuals … free health care. To me, this is a huge deal that is not even going to be put up for a public vote. Do we need this to get better council men and women to run for the board or to be better qualified? I don’t think so. This is a “spiff” just for them and I feel if they can spend money on this exclusive personal benefit, they can start reducing our mill levy on property taxes just like Silverthorne has already done for its citizens. I feel that council members should have free access to all the town facilities like golf, ice skating and the recreation center that keeps them involved and connected with the people they serve, but free health care … no. When they run for office, they already have whatever health care they have chosen and they should stick with that, not ask us taxpayers to pay for it.

What’s next? Pensions? Detroit, here we come!

Carol Rockne


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