Roe versus Wade milestone begs question how decision was one of nonsense |

Roe versus Wade milestone begs question how decision was one of nonsense

Donald Chisholm, MD - Dillon

Nonsense or common sense – that is the question.

As the 31st anniversary of Roe versus Wade approaches, we can look back, as only free humans can, with a sense of critical thought into what we have allowed to stand for America’s rule of law.

Was the decision of the 1973 Supreme Court to allow abortion of the unborn good common sense or bad nonsense?

With more than 30 million aborted American workers never paying into the Social Security system of America’s elderly, it makes it an economic vote for the nonsense column.

The partial-birth abortion ban overwhelmingly supported by Americans in the real world and in Congress is frustrated by several lower court orders, thus negating the constitutional separation of power of the three branches of government.

This is the same judicial nonsense that Hitler and Stalin used for the state control of their people.

Abortion has virtually destroyed the hope of childless American parents for the adoption of an American child for the mere cost of their love and desire for children.

Thousands of dollars are required to travel and adopt the children on the markets of Russia, China, Korea and virtually every place of human tragedy in the world.

Common sense would tell us that human love should start, but not end, at home.

The “right to abortion” gives the right to choose reproduction “rights” to women.

It takes away the reproductive rights of men. The granting of a right to only half of the population, while taking it away from the other half, is nonsense.

Aristotle told us the ability to discern sense from nonsense is what makes us uniquely human.

Lincoln based his philosophy of government on the guidelines of the “Declaration of Independence,” with it’s God-given right to life.

Is Roe versus Wade even a question of sense or nonsense?

Donald Chisholm, MD


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