Roman Kowalewicz: Help the middle class: Lower property taxes |

Roman Kowalewicz: Help the middle class: Lower property taxes

Roman Kowalewicz
Keystone, CO Colorado

Our government is trying to bail out all of the big businesses and somehow it is very difficult to generate a decent and reasonable plan for the general public, for all citizens of this country. Now the plan calls for $500 credit for individuals and I remember just last spring, Bush gave me $600 in tax credits. All of that was taken ” plus $200 by my state government ” through my real estate property tax increase in the fall.

Let us think, who benefited most from the real estate bubble of the last five years? Some real estate speculators, of course. But the biggest beneficiary was and still is the government and particularly local governments. They still don’t recognize that property values went down in some parts of the country by 50 percent. The irony is that local assessors have the justification to raise property taxes instead of lowering them substantially. It almost looks like a conspiracy to drain the middle class out of money to support the overblown local governments. But let’s hope that those are only outdated calculation processes that need reform and legislation.

Let us have a plan, President Obama: How about helping the middle class of the country that you govern now by reducing property taxes on individual homes and businesses by 50 percent? Well, maybe that’s too much. How about 40 or 30 percent? Half of that number should be picked up by the federal government and the other half taken by the local governments that had a free ride from the real estate bubble over the last few years?

How about freezing real estate taxes for five years? How about granting a new level on real estate taxes on commercial properties to those that pass on the savings to renters?

I’m pretty sure that among all of those advisors, Mr. President, you could really design a program to help the middle class of this country, not just the $500 which will be taken out of our pockets this spring by oil companies or local governments raising our taxes. If you need additional ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If you need my phone number, I’m pretty sure the secret service can locate it for you.

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