Romp – and sing – to stomp out breast cancer |

Romp – and sing – to stomp out breast cancer

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While most participants will be focusing on romping to stomp out breast cancer at Saturday’s fundraiser at the Frisco Nordic Center, others will be hearing an uplifting song to stomp out the disease.

Summit County second-homeowner Carol Tedrow wrote a song called “Never Give Up, No Never Give Up,” then enlisted vocalist Tony Fields and composer Doug Decker to record it. Tedrow’s husband battled cancer, which inspired the words to her song. She choose Fields, who has won numerous singing contests in Michigan and Las Vegas and has been compared to Al Green with his soulful, funky voice, to deliver her message. Decker is an established composer who has been performing, recording and producing music since 1975.

“‘Never Give Up, No Never give Up’ is the product of Jim’s and my experience,” she said. “It’s our story song.”

The cover of the CD portrays a view of Dillon Reservoir, from the Tedrow’s condo at Lake Forest on the Dillon Dam Road.

Lyrics to the upbeat pop song begin when the doctor’s prognosis leaves the patient “paralyzed in shock, my mind perplexed.” But soon, the rousing chorus comes in, singing “Never give up, no never give up. Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, never give up … you’ve got to keep on fighting, got to find a way.”

“What you get from it is this uplifting feeling of hope, and I think that’s so important for the patient, but it’s especially important for the support team,” said Frisco Dr. Marc Shiffman, adding that often, the patient’s family and friends can feel powerless, which can lead to negativity – something the patient should stay away from. “It can refuel positive energy and hope.”

“Our goal,” Tedrow said, “is to help people through its uplifting message while donating money for cancer research.”

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