Ron Byrne, Suzanne Hebert: Dillon recpath unnecessary |

Ron Byrne, Suzanne Hebert: Dillon recpath unnecessary

We are current homeowners on Lower Gold Run Circle, where the proposed bike path will run. We and most of our neighbors we have spoken to are not in favor of expanding the footprint of the roadway to include a 10-foot bike path. Matter of fact, there has been only one household we know of, who has been strongly in favor of it ” and it’s NOT the mayor or the council member. Some of the recent comments directed toward them and the homeowners are really unwarranted.

We feel the existing road can handle bikes and pedestrians just fine. The traffic level on Gold Run should not pose a safety issue. It’s been recorded at 80 cars per day ” only about 5 cars/hour on the street ” hardly dangerous.

The biggest safety concern from the homeowners has been the possibility of backing out of our driveways into bikers. The path does not solve this safety issue. And it’s probably a safe assumption that the majority of the bikes will stay on the street anyway, instead of navigating a 90-degree turn after coming off the hill from above the marina. Which begs the question: Is this recpath really a necessary and reasonable use of tax money?

As we pointed out in our letter to council April 3, the consultants hired in 2007 to prepare a Parks and Recreation Master Plan recommended a comprehensive Town Path System which addressed a number of issues regarding safety, recreation and interconnecting trail systems throughout the town. They concluded, “A trail along Highway 6 would provide connectivity for the regional trail system and offer a by-pass that would reduce through-traffic on the paths through Marina Park and Central Dillon.” They presented their vision of a total path system that shows the Tenderfoot and Gold Run connections between the existing rec paths as an “on-street path.” These professionals evidently did not see a need to call out a new “proposed path” along these two residential streets.

We are ardent proponents of relocating the path along Highway 6, as the consultants recommended, if the goal is to provide more safety. If a path can be built close to Highway 9 in Frisco, and over Swan Mountain Road, we don’t think a safer relocation of our path should automatically be taken off the table.

It is our hope, that the rec path expansion is excluded from the street reconstruction project. We are confident that the Town and Yacht Club can reach a reasonable compromise regarding the parking issue. Perhaps if the recpath is excluded from the Gold Run portion it will make it easier to arrive at a common sense solution.

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