Roper: Problems with the assessor |

Roper: Problems with the assessor

Nat Roper, Frisco

I rescind my remark that I think the county assessor is trying to do her job, she is not!

The basic premise of comparable properties is that if a property is sold, its value is the agreed upon price between the buyer and seller. Thus, if you wish to evaluate your property, you look at the sales of similar properties in your area, and comparable price your holdings.

The assessor can, and should, adjust the value within the time frame, i.e., when it sold, and what the value would be at some future terminal date. However, she may not second guess the total value of the property, as different from the agreed upon sales price. She should hold to the theory of comparables, but she assumes an absolute authority, which power we have not granted her.

She is also wildly inconsistent. For example: If you take the total evaluation, subtract land value, and divide by the total square fees of the house, you come up with the value of constructing the structure. In this case, including the comparables, the price per square foot is $201.90, $171.37, $288.43 and $155.71. Considerably inconsistent! Also, town properties have water and sewer service, whereas, county properties must provide one or both on their own. So, how do they all have the same value, regardless of the size? Of the four properties, there are four different acres, 1 acre, .5 acre, .4 acre and .3 acre, but the value of each is $323,487. Somehow this seems like a lazy approach to the analysis.

Similarly, she refuses to use comparables from our subdivision. We had five sales during the specified period in our subdivision we have eliminated the highest and lowest value per square foot. How come the comparables are from outside our area?

By taking the final (adjusted?) price per square foot, including the land and buildings, we eliminate some of the obvious variables. Thus, we stand by our adjusted assessment value (included).

As for the assessor, it is my opinion that she is unjust, capricious, over steps her authority and is phony. She should be impeached!

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