Rotary Club of Summit County Ice Melt contest ends May 6 |

Rotary Club of Summit County Ice Melt contest ends May 6

The Rotary Club of Summit County's ice device sits on its side last year, on April 18, 2017, after breaking through Lake Dillon two days earlier.
Eli Pace / Summit Daily file photo

The Rotary Club of Summit County has announced the ice device fell into Lake Dillon on May 6, ending its annual Ice Melt fundraiser. It will be a few weeks before officials can retrieve the device and determine the official time and identify the winners. 

Through the club’s annual fundraiser, more than 5,000 tickets are sold every year, and each allows for one guess about when the club’s ice device — a 55-gallon drum full of air and weighted on one side — goes buoyant on Lake Dillon as the ice under it melts.

It’s set out on the lake in March, and when the device falls through, an internal clock stops as it hits the water. After it’s been retrieved, the club checks the clock and identifies the winners.

Last year, the device took the plunge at 12:49.50 p.m. on April 16, 2017. More than 40 people submitted tickets guessing some time on April 16.

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