Rotary-Summit Daily poetry contest winners |

Rotary-Summit Daily poetry contest winners

Below are the winners of the 6th annual Rotary-Summit Daily News student poetry contest.

The Melody of Hope

(Tied for first-place)

A sound in the west

A sound in the east

A range of notes filled my head

A distant cacophony of sounds

The world called for me

A voice screaming on the wind

A hurricane of notes

Leaves left trees as I came

The seasons changed as I arrived

My ship sinking just offshore

No return

No backing out

Earth is now my home

A land waiting for me

A land calling for me

Earth hoping for me

A world injured

A world dying

Humanity is its hope

And yet also its disease

Earth not only calls to me

But sounds the horn of hope

To everyone

The entirety of the world


Seasons change

Years go by

And the Earth reveals the depth of its damage

The world is groaning

Straining under humanity’s forces

Being built upon

Dumped upon

Ever heaped upon

Forever being drained

Of nutrients and minerals

Since the beginning of man

Exploitation has been the goal

How to use the rock

To make fire

But Earth is fading

A world is dying

A hunger that can’t be sated

A greed that can’t be saved

Is what most believe

But Pandora kept the lid on her box

She kept hope

As long as humanity has hope

Anything is plausible

Or even possible

What I hear

Is something that sings

The cacophony transforms to a melody

The Melody of Hope

So pick up your pencil

Your shovel

Your mind

And save this world

For while space may be a last resort

Of all planets out there

There is only one Earth

Earth is where my heart is

And my heart is in love

With the contours

The fjords

The mountains

The valleys

The Life of Earth

In your endeavor

My endeavor

Let us deliver

The cure of the world



The Melody of Hope

— Ian M. Anderson (Summit High School, 9th grade when he won.)

* * *

The World

(Tied for first-place)

We live in a digital age

Where we are all pent up in rage

Stuck in a giant cage

Where technology has taken over every page

While we look for the new posts

We all turn to ghosts

A.d.d is rising faster than 4G LTE

Where we post more selfies

Than we have of uses and wes

We have big friend lists

But we are all so friendless

Our kids are seeing more violence on the screens

Than they are hearing the kids screams

Time is an illusion of our ever changing reality

Where we are seeing more fatalities

Hunger is an ever growing issue

Yet all we do is offer a tissue

Peace is an illusion

It’s just one big superstition

We all label each other as white or black

But we never have the audacity to look back

We never have enough time to look to the past

Cause the world is now moving so fast

Terrorism all of the world

Always claiming it was in the name of their lord

We call ourselves homosapien which means “wise man”

But is man really that wise?

Celebrities are talked more about the kids dying the the streets

Instead we like to talk about what they did in between the sheets

We have more kids suffering in the streets

Than there are sailors in a fleet

Why do I feel like I am on repeat?

The deficit is at an all time high

While half of us are just struggling to get by

The world slowly dies at our feet

Could this be a repeat?

We have time to make a change

Instead of celebrities basking in their fame

They could be out stopping the flames

This world is so green and lush

It should make all of us smile and blush

So let’s make time

To start spending our dimes

We as people can make a change

Instead of making our world into the next shooting range

Our hearts beat as one

So let’s take up our guns

And march out for everyone

Provide food for the poor

Open the door

To a new and coming light

So let’s fight!

— Bode Culbreath (A senior at Summit High School when this poem was entered into the contest)

* * *

The Mirror

(Second place)

Who is that?

I ask myself late one night, before I enter a dream, to dream of a better world

Who is that?

I’m staring into the eyes of another person, wondering the same thing.

Light, hazel brown eyes that appear so pallid in color, but captivating at the same time.

I stare into their soul; their hazel eyes level with mine.

Who is that?

Are they a musician? An artist? Are they the singer of songs, the player of tunes?

Someone who will sing their song in the dead of night, light the sky with brilliant colors of fury, passion, love, hate, desire?

Or are they a lone hiker?

Exploring alone, braving the cold, the wind, battling through dark to reach the light on the other side?

Someone who will stare into the stars, as if the answers are there?

Someone who looks for the one treasure at the top of a mountain or the bottom of a canyon?

A wanderer?

I ask myself late one night, before I enter a dream, to dream of a better world.

Who is that?

They stare into my soul, as if they are asking the same question.

Who is that?

A scientist? A researcher?

Someone who will find the cure? Someone who will heal others?

Someone who devotes a life to creating a better, safer world for our children, their children?

I ask myself late one night, before I enter a dream, to dream of a new world.

Who is that, staring back at me with the same, questioning eyes?

An artist, who colors the world, and brings a smile to people’s faces?

A lone hiker, searching for the answer to one question, looking for a better place?

A scientist, who will create a safer place for others? One who will find the cure?

Or maybe, one person, asking herself late one night, before she enters a dream, to dream of a better world.

Where the artist may sing her song, the hiker may find the one answer, and the scientist find the cure.

Who is that person, with pallid, hazel brown eyes, staring back at me?

I am that person.

An artist, a hiker, a scientist.

I am all of that.

I sing the songs, I look for the answer, I find the cure.

I am special.

I am different.

I am me.

— Simone Babet (Summit High School, 9th grade when she won.)

* * *

Like the Autumn Leaves

(Third place)

Like the autumn leaves

We are changing

Transforming into something new

Making our own opinions

Creating our own path

We are changing

Like a piece of art

We are changing

Painting our own pictures of the world

Taking something Ugly and making it Beautiful

Trying new things

We are changing

We are the teenagers of our generation

Trying to change the world

Making our own ideas

Making this our dreamworld

Fighting for our rights

Sneaking in the night

Searching for new ideals

Learning how to deal

We are changing

Becoming something better

Becoming something new

We are changing

— Victoria (Tori) Cadwallader (Summit High School, 9th grade when she won.)

* * *

Now That I’m in High School

(Special award for originality: Set to the music of ‘For the First Time in Forever’ from the Disney movie Frozen)

Now That I’m in High School

I have a test periods three and four

I don’t think I can do this anymore

Who knew my parents cared about my grades?

Some days I think that I might snap

I just wanna lie down and take a nap

But no I have to do to many things

Im working on three hours of sleep and

I feel totally strange

Wow am i not good at handling change

Because now that I’m in high school

My grades determine my whole life

I actually have to study,

And have zero social life

The quarter ends tomorrow

So what am I going to say?

To my parents when they ask me

Why Mandarin is not an A

Wo bu ju dao!

My A’s are turning into B’s

I’ll guess I’ll go to CMC

What is dehydration synthesis anyway?

Yep, that its

Im gonna fail

Hello McDonalds, Goodbye Yale

High school is a prison let me escape

Disney didn’t prepare me

At all for high school

No one thinks being different makes you cool

No one breaks out into song at lunch time

Or sings while playing basketball

You choose friends, sleep, or grades cause

You can’t have them all

And I know that its totally crazy

To think that I’d stay sane

When the coolest guy in high school

doesn’t even know my name

­— Scarlet McCauley (She was a senior at Vail Mountain School when she entered the contest.)

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