Rowley: Do you like the country the way it is? |

Rowley: Do you like the country the way it is?

MH Rowley, Frisco

1. How can you not be aware of the $10 trillion absolutely thrown away by the Obama administration? Are you even aware that huge amounts of dollars being spent, belong to all the USA taxpayers – not Obama personal monies – or Democratic Party. i.e.: Over 45 million people on food stamps – over 8 percent unemployed – over 3 million workers unemployed-and drawing many unemployed dollars-amount so great even Obama or Senate can tell us! Do they know?

2. Let us compare Romney and the Bane Company – i.e.: conglomerate or private money – How many jobs for the working class – more than USA money – Obama congress are only paying our tax monies to keep our qualifies mechanics at home – see above. Just think – county commissioners cost Summit taxpayers over $300,000 yearly, or over $157 per hour.

Let’s go back to the early ’30s – and read the methods used to put people back to work, not paying them for staying home – i.e.: WPA-PWA – Many new court houses, school buildings, etc, built.

CCC – Repairing our forests and air pollution problems at that time. Just think we did not pay unemployed to stay home to draw taxpayers monies – We paid the workers. I’m sure most of the unemployed mechanics today would welcome the opportunity to work and be paid, not stay home idle and get free money from the U.S. taxpayers. They also have their pride. Oh by the way, Commissioner Gibbs is not spending his own money either. Just the Summit County taxpayers money. Can you remember back when the county commissioners got only expense money to attend county meetings – not high pay like today – $72,500 salary plus expenses.

3. How many times has Obama used our U.S. airplane for personal uses and not paid the taxpayers for use. We all thought the U.S. plane was for American business only … down payment-which will have 3.5 percent or better, on $16 trillion. In addition to the many dollars we already owe China and Japan. Mr. Gibbs and Mr. Editor, I’m sure you will have an easy explanation for us to understand, this indebtness – over 45 million people drawing food stamps-unemployment benefits plus college students debt-and others – 8 percent unemployed.

Please investigate all these freebees Obama and Mrs. Obama have received in the way of free school-college-airplanes etc. Oh by the way his drug selling business must have been profitable. Obama also said if elected again, we would be government controlled country at the end of his term. Do you like our country the way it is? I served almost four years on WWII to keep this country the best ever in the world. Sincerely,

MH Rowley, Frisco

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