Roz Aceto: Where’s my SDN? |

Roz Aceto: Where’s my SDN?

Roz Aceto

After stopping at the Alma Coffee House last Saturday, I stepped outside to pick up my Summit Daily and … No blue box! I looked across the road and still did not find one. After asking around I have discovered that all the SDN boxes were taken out last Thursday. What’s going on? Have you decided that the residents of Alma and Fairplay do not need to hear about the goings on in Summit County?

I have lived here 16 years and before that in Breckenridge and have advertised numerous cars, bicycles furniture and looked for yard sales and also advertised mine! My kIds also go to school in Summit County, and I like to read up on the sports write-ups ” especially when my kids are in them. What am I going to do without the wise words of Eartha Steward?

Please tell me this is only temporary and that we are getting new boxes ASAP! Thank you and looking forward to picking up my SDN.

Editor’s note: Delivery in Park County has been suspended due to budgetary constraints.