Ruelle: Control a method and look other way for cause |

Ruelle: Control a method and look other way for cause

Todd Ruelle

It is amazing how this country focuses on the methods of horror versus the causes. Guns are a method, not a cause. When the government and media bear down on the mental health issues that cause the methods to be deployed, we will tackle the issue.

Kids were killed in the Oklahoma City bombing by a UHAUL truck and fertilizer (method). Children each year are murdered by mentally ill parents and strangers. The methods are different, the cause is the same, mental illness.

President Obama’s children are protected by Secret Service while at school. Do these agents not have guns in their possession when protecting his kids? Every federal building, football stadium, airport and the White House itself have armed guards. Yet, this country fails to accommodate a method to protect our kids or go after the core cause that uses a gun as a method to harm. Our solution? Control a method and look the other way on the cause.

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