Ruffel: Kunst letter just wrong |

Ruffel: Kunst letter just wrong

Alan Ruffel
Copper Mountain

Re: “Socialist America,” by John M. Kunst Jr., letters, Dec. 8

John, you write well, but don?t you think before you start talking about socialism, you could perhaps take a few seconds to find out what it is? While there many definitions most include means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by society. The last four years have seen corporate profits soar to record highs, the stock market almost double and the government, which took stock in companies bailed out, put that stock for sale in the stock market. None of this sounds like socialism.

Just a quick reminder about “Obama Care,” this was the Republican platform in the 1990?s. It was in part in reaction to the observation that people were getting their medical care in the emergency rooms, having no money, and you and I having to pay their bills.

Perhaps the most objectionable part of your letter is your comments about the 47 percent who “pay no taxes,” these folks have no skin in the game as you say. I think you meant to say federal taxes. This is still insulting to millions of Americans. That 47 percent number includes children, teenagers, college students, stay at home moms, many retired senior citizens, our troops in war zones, our as well as those who have been laid off and can not find a job. The people you disparage do pay taxes. They pay state, local, unemployment, FICA, school, and sales taxes.

Your letter is just wrong.

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