Ruth Hunter Cohen: Don’t stand for checkpoints |

Ruth Hunter Cohen: Don’t stand for checkpoints

Ruth Hunter Cohen
Copper Mountain

Re. “The ‘why’ behind sobriety checkpoints” by Col. James Wolfinbarger, SDN opinion July 11:

Are sobriety checkpoints constitutional? The answer is NO.

Checkpoints are supreme violations of our cherished constitutional 4th Amendment rights to not be illegally and unreasonably searched by state and federal officials and authorities.

Checkpoints belong to the legacies of both Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, they have no place in the USA.

Colonel James Wolfinbarger, the chief of the Colorado State Patrol, in his widely disseminated article justifying sobriety checkpoints, is dead wrong in trying to provide the rationale’ to illegally conduct unwarranted searches on motorists throughout Colorado. Police have to have a “probable cause” in order to pull a vehicle over. As soon as they break with this long-standing protocol, they are engaged in criminal activity. Further evidence of illegality concerns the fact that a full bird “colonel” is chief of the Colorado State Patrol, a supreme violation of the Posse Commatitus Act that prohibits the U.S. military from domestically engaging the American citizenry.

Under the fake rubric of stopping drunk driving, an East German Stasi style police state is stealthily sticking its foot in the door, so as to get the public used to the idea of Nazi-esque like checkpoints across our roads once the economy collapses or some other national or international crisis mandates “martial law” in the country.

My advice to motorists is: If you get pulled over at one of these illegal checkpoints, proclaim your constitutional Fourth Amendment rights and do not cooperate with them in any way. If they arrest you and seize your vehicle, sue them with multi-million dollar pro-constitutional lawsuits. Let’s break the backbone of this emerging fascist police state and nip it in the bud now, before the cancer spreads and grows into a full-fledged Fourth Reich in America.

The question, YOU, the American people need to ask yourselves now is, do you want to live in freedom or do you want to live in tyranny?

That answer is NOW before you.

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