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Ryan McGee: Vote ‘no’ for a better Frisco

There are common threads running throughout the arguments opposing a neighborhood on the Peak One parcel. Unfounded fear, selfishness, misunderstanding, deliberate mis-constructions and, most importantly, a complete lack of any vision for the future of Frisco. I know, I’m sick of it too.

I’m not even going to address any of these in this letter because it’s not worth it. I’m just going to talk about my experience living in a great “affordable housing development” here in Summit County. It was wonderful. My neighbors were actually home. Sounds of musical instruments and people laughing filled the air on summer evenings.

Pot lucks, picnics, and impromptu happy hours between new friends happened frequently. Children, adults and pets played safely in beautiful common areas and open spaces lit by the glow of the lights from nearby houses.

Why does this vision scare people? The neighborhood on the Peak One parcel is going to be something everyone in Summit County ” not just Frisco ” will be proud of. Please stop distorting and misleading Frisco voters about this being about a “right to vote” or protecting open space ” there are thousands of acres 10 feet from Peak One by the way! It’s wrong to do that and the people who are doing that know it.

Anyone notice the common thread running through the arguments supporting a neighborhood on the Peak One Parcel? They are full of hope, opportunity, and excitement about the possibility of living their dream in Frisco and Summit County.

I strongly urge voters to vote NO on your April mail-in ballot. Let me be clear. Voting NO means that you support opportunity and hope for Summit County workers. Voting NO means you are for a quality citizen-driven and designed neighborhood on the Peak One parcel that makes sense economically, environmentally and socially for Summit County. Vote NO ” and lets be a part of creating something great for this county that we love.

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