Sales tax vs. toilet flushes |

Sales tax vs. toilet flushes

Daily Staff Writer

Your articles regarding the importance of sales tax dollars to our local town revenue sparks a rather humorous approach to forcasting those revenue dollars much earlier than can the tax collector (“Our sales tax addiction,” SDN Dec. 5).Sanitation Districts’ records (whether Special Districts or Town owned ), yield a multitude of flow data, instantaneously, by the minute, hour, day, month, years. Perhaps there can be a correlation between volume (millions of gallons per day) to number of visitors. Albeit, how to connect the number of visitors to dollars spent. (Please remember, “A humorous approach,” but, can there be a connection?).Various sales tax revenue input, by town, by county, by month, over five years past, would be appreciated. Time will be volunteered to determine a possible trend.Jim StoverBreck Sanitation Board MemberBreckenridge

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