Sampson: Start up an intra-state bus system |

Sampson: Start up an intra-state bus system

Kevin Sampson

Winter will soon be here with all its joys but also with all its problems, especially on I-70 and Highway 9. Yes, the traffic will be worse because nothing of consequence has been done since last year. The construction of the Twin Tunnels has been delayed until next year because the soil is unstable above it and landslides will happen. What to do? How about a start-up of our intra-state bus system? Isn’t Greyhound and others already providing this service? Yes they are but has anyone ever seen a Greyhound at DIA.? If CDOT were to put such service in place, with the financial keys of the mountain towns, counties and resorts, then traffic would be broken up. Thirty on one bus would take 30 cars off the road. Is there any real constraint for neutral car agencies to place branches in mountain towns? I bet the local governments could use the franchise tax revenue also. So what’s the holdup?