Sandi Bruns: Crossroads in Frisco |

Sandi Bruns: Crossroads in Frisco

If you’ve not decided yet on how to vote in the Frisco election, please read:

I have friends whom I respect and have worked with and played with on both sides of the Peak One issue, now couched as “the right to vote,” so I have considered this issue carefully. And I really like to vote! BUT…

I think we are at an important crossroads in our Frisco community, where we are about to express what we are really about. We are not, and cannot hope to be, a community of mega-trophy-homes in the hills with land and unobstructed views. We are a tight little urban community nestled among protected mountains, and we are required to carefully use the land we have for what is important to us. According to survey after survey, affordable housing for the families of the people who serve our educational, health, recreational and safety needs here in Frisco is our number one priority. It seems we now have the land at the right price in a convenient spot to begin to accomplish this. Yes, the plan is “high density,” but high density does not equate with bad design. We already have many high-density areas in our town. Yes, it may mean that those with unobstructed mountain views now have a neighborhood to look over to see the mountains. I don’t think “unobstructed mountain view for a few” was ever mentioned as our number one priority.

A vote “yes” on the right to vote on this parcel and the one other that falls in the 5 acre category that is in contention will slow, and if the “Friends of Open Space” have their way, will STOP this last chance for affordable housing within our town bounds. I say “yes” to inviting the wonderful people who serve us, but are not yet lucky enough to have their first disposable million, right into our back yard.

Which means (respectfully) I VOTE “NO!”

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