Sandi Bruns: Missing Mayfield |

Sandi Bruns: Missing Mayfield

Sandi Bruns

I am still stunned and saddened by the news that Rich Mayfield has discontinued his weekly column in the Summit Daily News. I know there have been some readers who have disagreed with him (as in the case of any provocative column), but I hope he was not actually threatened by “thugs” unable to consider viewpoints other than their own dogma. I didn’t think that sort of harassment happened here in Summit County (although I have experienced it elsewhere).

I must admit I have become addicted to Mr. Mayfield’s Saturday insights … to the point that when I have been out of town I have frequently gone to the Summit Daily office on my return to pick up back issues. The news in those issues may by then be old, but Rich Mayfield’s take on the world has always been fresh, and his opinions have come down on the side of justice every time.

I am really going to miss my weekly Mayfield fix. I guess I will have to go “cold turkey.” Thanks for many wonderful years.

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