Sandra Bruns: Health care scare tactics |

Sandra Bruns: Health care scare tactics

Sandra Bruns

Scare tactics seem to be winning again with the most vulnerable being preyed upon by the most powerful.

We used to believe we needed health care reform now and elected Barack Obama as our president and a congress of Democrats to mandate that it happen. Suddenly, after the screaming heads have invaded town halls, and the paid-by-the-insurance-industry ads have invaded the media we are terrified that grandma will be euthanized, women will lose their health care benefits and die of cancer, and Medicare will go down the drain.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but apparently the fright response is strong enough to trump reason.

Health care reform will assure that grandma gets continued coverage through a strengthened Medicare system (which, if you want to be scared, is on its way down the drain if it is not reformed). Women will get much-needed breast cancer screening and improved reproductive and prenatal care … which incidentally will help get our infant mortality rate in tune with the rest of the civilized world. We won’t have to have bake sales and charity auctions in our communities to help accident victims who have topped out on their insurance plans.

Universal health coverage puts everyone in the same pot.

For those screaming “socialism,” YES! It is socialism! It’s the only way comprehensive insurance works. Our fire protection works like that, our street repair works like that, our schools should work like that (another issue!) and health care should work like that. “Everyone in and no one left out.”

The time is now. Be scared (if you must) of leaving things the same.

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