Sandra Kucharczyk: Do we really want ‘business principles’ in our schools? |

Sandra Kucharczyk: Do we really want ‘business principles’ in our schools?

Mr. Blanche suggests that if “business principles and leadership” were brought into education, schools would be much better. Are those the same principles and people who sent the U.S. stock market into a downward spiral in September of 2008 and then asked for government bailouts?

As a retired teacher, I know the importance of collective bargaining. The teachers’ unions of the past brought wages up to a “livable” level for families. Well, at least until Reagan’s “trickle down,” union-busting decade. Teachers of today can barely support themselves, let alone a family.

Mr. Blanche I can understand why this Wisconsin teacher didn’t want to debate with you. She’s probably had her share of “lazy teacher” GOP brow-beatings. Just look at the rhetoric that has been put out repeatedly by the corporate-sponsored union-busting folks. Teachers aren’t alone. State and federal workers are now considered lazy and expendable, too. Keep chipping away at the services you’ve come to expect, and one morning you’ll wake up and wonder why the roads are so bad, classroom size is 40 or more, and no one is at the fire station when your house is burning.

An educator’s goal is to produce students who contribute to society in a positive way. A business person’s goal is to make money for their company. You are comparing apples to oranges. But if not, let’s just say that you are now a school administrator. Oh, did I mention that your budget just got chopped in half because people don’t want to pay for services anymore? Hope you can keep making that “quality product” with much less than you need. I believe making “taxes” a dirty word will come back to haunt you … and America.

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