Sandra Slosky: Peak One parcel smoke & mirrors |

Sandra Slosky: Peak One parcel smoke & mirrors

Sandra SloskyFrisco, CO Colorado

Yes, we need affordable housing!When/if this parcel is developed, the residents will have to have at least two or three people in residence per unit paying approximately $300 each for rent. There will be at least three cars per unit. The density will increase. The environment will be changed due to the density, noise level will increase, and the area will be changed in regard to habitat for fox, birds, and small mammals. Wetlands will be affected that are adjacent to the property. Mitigation is a joke! Jug Creek has been there, will be there, and aids us by all the good things that wetlands are designed to do. Certainly it will change. This is a given. For just a moment let us segue to Keystone Ski Area. They paved a huge wetland and it is now a huge parking lot. It is an environmental nightmare.People who provide the goods and services have to live somewhere. Lets create a place for them.But folks, we are getting lost in smoke and mirrors. The developers have cleverly disguised the number of market value units to their own benefit and profit by creating other issues in order to confuse us. If you look at the plan, which is available to everyone, you will see that this is true.So what is so terribly wrong with all of the trailers and manufactured homes in the Vail Valley? I lived there and it was affordable. We could create such an environment on the Peak One parcel. It would eliminate the developer lining his pockets.Yes, we need affordable housing, but please, let us make it affordable. Look at the real picture here. I live at Mountainside. I have been a resident of this county for 30 years. I only object to the pork barreling of market value units. People that provide goods and services have to live somewhere. Lets give them a place to live.Editors note: The current plan for Peak One includes few or no rental units. Also, no developer is yet on board for the proposed project.

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