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Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update

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SNL has been big in the headlines this week for a few reasons. Cast member Amy Poehler and alum Tina Fey came out with their movie “Baby Mama” last Friday and it is currently the No. 1 movie in America, having grossed over $18 million.

Poehler plays a free-spirited, working-class woman, who is an unlikely surrogate for Tina Fey’s character, a single, successful businesswoman who is infertile. Art imitates life for Poehler who just announced she is expecting a baby this fall with husband actor, Will Arnett (the two co-starred in “Blades of Glory”). This will the couple’s first child, who wed in 2003.

Another SNL alum who is taking on a different role is Jimmy Fallon. Fallon, an SNL cast member for six seasons, left the show to pursue the unforgiving movie business. With box-office disasters such as “Fever Pitch” and “Taxi,” Fallon wasn’t embraced by movie audiences. Luckily for him, he’s getting a second chance at live comedy.

Although it hasn’t been formally announced yet, The Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety, two respectful magazines, are reporting that Fallon will succeed Conan O’Brien as a late-night talk show host when Conan takes over Jay Leno’s spot when he retires next year.

While some SNL performers have hit it big, another is mourning a loss. Former castmate Cheri Oteri’s (one-half of the “Spartan Cheerleaders” skit with Will Ferrell) father was murdered last Saturday night in Nashville, Tenn. Gaetano Thomas Oteri was stabbed by his roommate, country music songwriter, Richard William Fagan, during a drunken altercation that turned fatal.

Ever since Suri was born two years ago, we haven’t heard much from Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes. Unfortunately for us, the ranting and over-enthusiastic star is back with a vengeance and he’s even going back to his old stomping ground: Oprah’s couch.

After jumping on it a few years ago while proclaiming his love for Holmes, he is coming back for more in a two-part interview set to air May 5. If you can’t wait that long, then tune in May 2 (today!) to see the first segment of the interview which features Oprah on Tom’s couch.

Tom invited Oprah to his home in Telluride for a firsthand look at his luxurious life. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, while Oprah was taping her show in the sin city last Saturday, she offered the audience a little taste from her visit and it isn’t pretty. Oprah’s visit included a snowmobile ride with Tom through his compound. He must have been standing up the whole time in front of her because apparently Oprah couldn’t get enough of Tom’s butt.

She told the audience that, “I see what happened to Katie … there’s something about the guy’s butt.” Well it sounds like Oprah isn’t holding any grudges over not getting invited to the star’s million dollar wedding. She even swoons over his Telluride home. Despite her $80 million mainstay in Santa Barbara, Tom’s home still impresses as “the most spectacular vacation home she’s ever seen.”

Superstar, and the usually reclusive, Cher was a guest on Oprah’s Las Vegas show and since Tom was quite the topic, the diva herself couldn’t resist sharing her own history with Cruise. Cher revealed that back in his “Risky Business” days, she actually dated the then-hunk. She further said that the unlikely duo went out for a while until he met future wife Mimi Rogers.

Unlike now, Cher said she recalls Tom as “shy, sweet and poor” and admitted that “it could have been a big romance because I was crazy for him.” Who’s crazy now Cher?

According to Life and Style magazine, we might be in for a “Mission: Impossible 4.” Since Cruise hasn’t hit it big with a movie in a while, the world has to succumb to another sequel of the tired series …

Jennifer Aniston really plateaued with ex-husband Brad Pitt. Her dating picks have been unlikely and unimpressive since. First Vince Vaughan and now John Mayer? The two have been spotted out intimately in Miami, where she’s filming “Marley and Me” with Owen Wilson. Mayer’s previous girlfriends include the likes of Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Deirdre Shattuck resides in Breckenridge and maintains her enthusiasm for celebrity gossip even while living in the mountains.

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