Saunders: The moral cliff |

Saunders: The moral cliff

Richard Saunders, Silverthorne

Much has been made of the fiscal cliff but little about the moral cliff. That is the ethics of our decisions and how they will impact our children and their children. In a recent CNBC interview Arthur Brooks, a social scientist, said, “We’re stealing from our kids. We’re doing something that’s profoundly immoral to the future of our country.” Will we have the moral fortitude of other generations? Almost gone now is the Greatest Generation forged by the Great Depression and WWII. Only at the end of their lives did I begin to appreciate what they went through and how they sacrificed for us. They leave a legacy of relentless resolve and dedication to make our lives better than theirs. Yet their sons and daughters are about to push the next generations off a cliff. We will be crushing our children with an unsustainable debt and trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities. Is this really the morality of our generation?

Jesus said “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” So is our treasure in our entitlements or our children? Mr. President, Sen. Reid, Mr. Speaker, Congress, where is your treasure, your heart, your ethics?

Richard Saunders, Silverthorne

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