Say ‘I Do’ in platinum |

Say ‘I Do’ in platinum

Love is the greatest gift one can give another. And platinum is the ultimate, most enduring symbol of lasting love. More and more couples are opting for a set of platinum rings for a daily reminder of their monumental day and lifetime pledge.

Platinum used to be a curiosity, but now it’s the metal of choice for fashion-forward designers and consumers, enchanting a whole new generation of brides and grooms around the world. Its rich, white luster ” which actually grows more beautiful with time ” enhances the brilliance and depth of diamonds and colored gemstones, making it the perfect accompaniment to an engagement ring. Platinum also secures a gemstone unlike any other.

The latest designs feature an array of new finishes, from satin to highly polished. Engraved and vintage accents are enjoying new popularity as classic jewelry-making techniques are revived. In addition to the classic elegance of a platinum engagement ring, brides and grooms will be choosing detailed platinum wedding bands as well.

The rate of platinum ring sales has increased from 24 percent in 1998 to 40 percent now.

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