Scott Norton: It’s not Obama’s race, it’s his policies |

Scott Norton: It’s not Obama’s race, it’s his policies

Scott Norton

Rich Mayfield has made it clear he is among the far left who cannot accept that millions of Americans, of all color, do not agree with, support or trust the current president because of his policies, not because of the color of his skin! Does he honestly believe that white Americans are the only ones buying guns and ammunition because we have a black president? What about the thousands of black, brown, yellow, and red Americans who believe in the Second Amendment? Are they afraid of our black president? When Bill Clinton first announced that he was going to enact a supposed assault weapons ban, the same thing happened. Gun and ammunition sales went through the roof. Why, you ask? Because of his policies and posing a threat to what millions of Americans believe in, the Second Amendment.

If Rich Mayfield were honest and fair and balanced, (yes, I watch Fox News) he would know us loony gun lovers are afraid of Barack Obama’s voting record along with all of his cronies – Rahm Emanuel, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi – and on and on, who have consistently and publicly voiced opinion they want “total” gun control and confiscation! Maybe that is Rich Mayfield’s idea of reasonable gun control, but not mine and not most of Americans! It is said that with guns we are citizens, without guns we are subjects. As for the loony comments about not a dear, elk, moose, bear or human standing, that is not even worth responding to! Every time someone has a different opinion or belief, Rich has to call them a name, a loony, whacko, homophobe and now a racist. This gun rights loony says get over yourself and realize that we do not accept the road this president is leading us down because of his policies and beliefs, not because he is black. And while you are at it get over your Bush-phobia.

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