Secondhand smoke and Ol’ Bossy |

Secondhand smoke and Ol’ Bossy

I read Mr. Gmerek’s article titled “Would Summit smokers please suck it in?” in last Friday’s issue in puzzled amusement. He starts out by suggesting that all of Summit County’s smokers should be quiet. They should accept the less-than-equal status that has been foisted upon them by a very small and zealous minority. They should stop petitioning for redress, and cower under the delusional suggestion that somehow their activity is causing harm to their neighbors. Then bewilderingly, he begins to recount old college memories about the good times he had with smokers. How he found the young women in those days who smoked were somehow more mysterious. How he’d pal around with smokers and spent many years working with them in the casinos as a blackjack dealer, and enjoyed their company. But now, something has changed. He says, “… my fondness for smokers doesn’t change the fact that smoking can not only sicken and/or kill the smoker it can also do it to those around them.” What? That’s his reason? Where’s the proof … I mean really?Then he continues, sounding a lot like a college dorm monitor, “No smoking now, after 10 p.m. or when the cows come home to roost or sit or whatever.” Well, he succeeded in raising this old Colorado farm boy’s dander.Mr. Gmerek, if you had spent much time doing any research, you would realize that the books have been cooked and you have been duped. There is not one study out there which states with absolute certainty that ETS ( Environmental Tobacco Smoke ) causes any illness whatsoever … the language is more like this … “may be linked to … could contribute to … may be a factor contributing to … has the potential of contributing to … may elevate the risk of …” and so on and so on … until the cows come home! Bottom line, no definitive proof exists that secondhand smoke contributes nearly as much to the risk of disease, as walking a busy exhaust-filled urban street on the way to work every day, or the pesticides in your food, the chemicals in your toiletries, the chlorine in your water or the deadly sodium fluorosilicate they put in the water as well … or even the flatulence that old Bossy “udders” your direction, as you sling the ol’ Surge up under her belly for her mornin’ milkin’.

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