Seegers: Smart kids at Colorado Mountain College |

Seegers: Smart kids at Colorado Mountain College

Randall Seegers

What great news on two Summit High seniors Diane Mastin (Summit Daily News, Dec. 22) and Christy Nichols (Summit Daily News, Jan. 27), both of whom are utilizing the local Colorado Mountain College for college credits prior to making the trip to a larger school. Our daughter did the same during her senior year in high school, her summer at home and on-line courses, amassing 16 credits or one full semester of college credits for less than $1,000 while living at home and working locally during that time. Compare this to $10,000 per semester in-state or up to $20,000 per semester for an out-of-state university. Smart kids and undoubtedly smart parents who should all be commended.

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