Seeing is believing – or is it? |

Seeing is believing – or is it?

Propaganda is a dangerous tool. It won’t destroy buildings or kill innocent civilians but it certainly will attempt to justify such action.

Will the coalition forces find weapons of mass destruction? If you believe the hundreds of experts on TV and in the papers each day, there is no doubt, the evidence is overwhelming that they will be found – all in due time, of course.

What if they don’t? Are the smiling faces of a few Iraqis on TV and a fallen statue reason enough for this invasion (sorry, war)? Doesn’t George W. Bush need a bit of hard evidence to convince the world that this battle was worth the human and economic cost?

Attention all fellow readers and watchers of “Propaganda Version 2003.” They will find these destructible weapons, maybe not in Iraq, Syria or even Iceland.

What of this scenario? Maybe the military will find an old warehouse in the desert of Nevada. Inside they place some Acme dynamite painted over in Arabic writing, line the walls with posters of Saddam, take a few photos and some video, send it out to the world in every media distribution form available and let us suckers take it all in. How wrong we were to think that these weapons didn’t exist.

Good work George. You’ve got my vote. Who’s next? Maybe you could give the economy in this country a bit of a look over.

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