Seeing the light: Dark is better |

Seeing the light: Dark is better

I just read the amusing letter from Glenn Vawter in the April 16 Summit Daily News.

If Mr. Vawter is not a comedian, then he has missed his calling.

Please, give us more outhouse stories. However, with regard to the substance of his letter, he’s clueless. Light pollution not a problem because of the moon? Hello – the moon waxes and wanes, and sometimes is not visible at all. At those times, we can then enjoy the majesty of Creation’s jewel-like stars, er, well, except for the light pollution.

But hey, at least we can find the outhouse, right? Beauty in the eye of the beholder, I guess. And we are “becoming” an urban community? Gee, I thought we, the people and residents of this community, had a voice in what we became, and that we shape and create the future of our home by our own conscious desires and actions. Yes, we can become urbanized, but no, we don’t have to, unless through apathy and inaction we allow that to happen. (What a tragedy that would be).

So, to those like Mr. Vawter, whose vision doesn’t rise above the outhouse, I say, why don’t you leave, and go someplace where people leave the lights on 24/7. You obviously don’t appreciate the natural beauty of our precious home, or you’d understand the need to preserve it.

Ed Billeaud


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