Sewer authority urges safe pine beetle pesticide disposal |

Sewer authority urges safe pine beetle pesticide disposal


Because of small amounts of pesticides being detected in water leaving the sewer treatment plant last summer, the Silverthorne/Dillon Joint Sewer Authority (JSA) announced the proper procedures for disposing of chemicals commonly used during the pine beetle spraying season.

Carbaryl, the insecticide detected last year, is widely used for gardening and pine beetle control. Common products that contain carbaryl include Sevin, Adios, Carbamec, and Slam. If introduced into the JSA’s sewer system by careless disposal or rinsing, the chemical can travel through the plant and be released into the Blue River, where it can be extremely toxic to aquatic insects.

Leftover insecticides should never be dumped and contaminated equipment should never be rinsed in sinks, toilets, or storm drains. The preferred approach for disposal of carbaryl is to bring the material to the Summit County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Program, located north of Keystone at the county landfill.

If you have small amounts of carbaryl left over and want to rinse the container, just add water and continue to use the diluted material on your garden or trees until the container is empty, then let it air dry. Never rinse your container.

For questions about carbaryl disposal and to find out current hours of operation, contact the HHW Collection Program at (970) 468-9263. For any questions about the JSA, contact plant manager Mike Bittner at (970) 468-6152.

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