Shane Stephens: Dog park in Silverthorne a great idea |

Shane Stephens: Dog park in Silverthorne a great idea

Shane Stephens

I would just like to say how great an idea it is to have a dog park in Silverthorne! A dog park would be great for the community. It brings people together, letting you get to know your neighbors, meet new people and gives people a sense of community. It also helps the community by keeping dogs in one area/park. That helps keep down on the dog waste throughout town.

I have noticed at dog parks that people always pick up after their dogs, whereas when you see somebody just walking their dog alone, they are a lot less likely to do so. It is also great for the dogs because when going to a dog park, a dog gets to run around a lot more than a dog could even come close to on a leash. Dogs get so much more exercise this way, which means happier owners and less-destructive dogs. This could mean a few less dogs given up for adoption. Most people don’t exercise their dogs properly leading to bad behavior. A dog park lets the dog run, bounce, jump, play and go wild -exercising itself!

It would also be great for visitors. A lot of people have to travel with their pets. Staying somewhere new always presents a challenge of were to take Fluffy. Having a dog park in town is fantastic for visitors. When I travel, I always stay somewhere that has a dog park nearby. This also would generate local revenue for the town. It gives visitors a known safe place to take their dogs. Look at the dog park in Breckenridge, it is always busy and full of life. I have meet so many people from around town to visitors from all over. Everybody always comments on how great it is to have the park. When talking to people, I have discussed the idea of a Silverthorne dog park, which everybody thinks it’s the best idea and cannot believe it has not been done already. I could go on forever but I will leave it at we really need a dog park in Silverthorne!

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