Sharon Yates: Concerned about cameras |

Sharon Yates: Concerned about cameras

Sharon Yates
Summit Cove

There are illegal police state surveillance cameras everywhere in our beautiful county, Summit County residents.

Like a cancer, this insanity has spread its tentacles into every nook and cranny our society! In our supermarkets, in our buses, in our rec centers and even on top of our street intersections. This has got to stop and be reversed people. This is an ABUSE of technology and a supreme violation of our sacred and fundamental rights to privacy as American citizens.

All you cops and security agents out there watching us: Don’t think for one second that you are going to get away with this – these cameras are coming down. You have definitely overstepped your bounds on this one.

This spying and watching people from cameras is a disease of the human spirit, a violation of our dignity as human beings and an affront to our sense of freedom, happiness and well-being. I now cannot speak freely inside the Stage buses, knowing that my conversations are being maliciously recorded!

We need class-action lawsuits NOW against these police state security companies and their employees. We need to pass local, state and federal laws making it illegal to secretly spy on the public. Its disgusting. This is not the kind of society we wish to live in!

Let your local officials, store employees know that you disapprove of such surveillance- and that you demand that your right to privacy be upheld – or you will not shop at their stores anymore.

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