Sheer arrogance |

Sheer arrogance

So after the winter fiasco, Denver Water promised us that they would do a better shop of communication. We can all see how empty that promise was. With the election coming up, it is really important to me to see our County Commissioners finally say enough is enough.

Here is what I would like to see our County’s response to this be, essentially declaring a legal war on Denver Water (although you could say that Denver Water already did this to us).

Stop any cooperation our County has with Denver Water since this obviously has been us cooperating with them and not the other way around.

Have the Sheriff’s department re-open the road, by force if necessary.Then we both can go to court to settle this.

Hire the best water lawyers in the state and start to go through all of the claims Denver Water has on the water in the lake and challenge where possible. Make life legally miserable for Denver Water.

Send our County Inspectors out to all of the infrastructure that Denver Water owns and look for code violations once a week. This includes the buildings on the east side of Highway 6 next to the lake. Again make Denver Water’s life in the county legally miserable.

Send bills to Denver Water every time we have to have additional school cancelations because the Interstate is closed but the Dam Road would not be.

And perhaps if finally one can think about if there is a need to transport to our hospital, and the Interstate is closed but the Dam Road would not have been, and a death occurs because of the time to go by Swan Mountain, a wrongful death suit against Denver Water would certainly be in order.

Even if there were not a death, the extra pain and suffering due to the extra time to get to Frisco via Swan Mountain would be in order. Or perhaps Denver Water will ante up for a Dillon Medical Center equal to the quality of what we just built in Frisco?

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