Shibley should learn to use Google |

Shibley should learn to use Google

Shaw KetelsFrisco

I just finished reading the Jeff Shibley column (SDN, June 19) entitled “Extra! World leaders endorse John Kerry.”Now, I’m not someone who writes letters to the editor. In fact, this is my first in five years. However, after reading such horribly researched drivel, I feel compelled to correct a couple things.First, I should say that I am not a member of the left. I am also not a member of the right. I agree with many points from both sides, but I can only agree with those who actually inform themselves in order to inform others of their did not give an award to an advertisement comparing Bush to Hitler, as Shibley incorrectly stated. In point of fact, the organization received thousands of submissions for its “Bush in 30 seconds” ad contest. A handful of these compared Bush to Hitler and were promptly eliminated from consideration. The winning ad actually showed a number of very young children working in factories, and then asked who might pay for the record deficit the current administration feels compelled to add to with tax cuts for corporations and the top 1 percent of the economic spectrum.Secondly, to call Cuba a “leftist paradise” is such a ridiculous statement, it boggles the mind. Cuba is a communist dictatorship (a term that is an oxymoron in itself). A dictatorship, whether communist or fascist, is a dictatorship, and a dictatorship is as far right on the ideological spectrum as one can go. Furthermore, the system in Cuba is certainly not a paradise in most peoples’ estimation, left or right.Reading this column, I began to feel as if the piece was written by an extreme leftist masquerading as a caricatured agent of the right, spewing ideas that are completely unresearched, and in most cases, utterly untrue. Columns like these serve no purpose aside from confusing your readership and, really, hurting those from the right who do good research in order to further logical arguments.As I said, I am not from the left or the right, but I am very much in favor of facts. Columnist Jeff Shibley seems to be hindered in this area. Please Mr. Shibley, before writing another useless pile of emotional, uninformed, sardonic clap-trap – at least Google the subject of your ramblings. Shaw KetelsFrisco

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