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Head over to and you’ll find a surprisingly stripped-down interface. Don’t let the visual simplicity of this site fool you, though; is quite the powerful little tool.

Post text, images and video online by doing nothing more than pasting your content into the big text field on the page and clicking the “Create URL” button. No sign ups. No sign in. Just an instant web presence and a link you can share with others on the World Wide Web with absolutely minimum thought and effort.

Check one of the boxes at the bottom of the page if you’d like to allow people to comment on your content or if you’d like to make your URL private (and then choose your password).

Simple, easy, free. Take a look and consider bookmarking; it’s likely to come in handy at some point during your online journeys.

I’ve long known about the option to change the case of text in a Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.) file via the menu option drop downs at the top of the screen or via a toolbar button. But it wasn’t until fairly recently that I learned how you could toggle the case of text straight from your keyboard.

Toggle between all uppercase, all lowercase and title case capitalization by highlighting the text you’re looking to update, holding down the Shift key on your keyboard, and then tapping F3. I’ve found this to be quite a useful, time-saving trick to have in my Microsoft Office arsenal. ” Has this link shown up in your inbox recently? In case the answer is no, this extraordinarily high-resolution, keep-on-zooming-more-and-more photo of Obama’s inauguration is definitely something worth checking out. Zoom in. Zoom in more. See George W. Bush’s facial expression? See that big bow on Arethra Franklin’s hat? See anyone you know in the crowd? ” A short while ago, I shared a few tips about saving on printing costs. Joan from Boulder sent in an e-mail follow-up suggesting I also tell you about 4X Ultrasaver ” which has helped her save a great deal of ink. Test it for free and, if you like it, purchase it for $39.99. ” Did you know that January marked the 25th anniversary of the Mac computer? Macintosh has come a long, long way in the past two and a half decades. Visit this link for a nice visual summary of the evolution of Mac design. ” A little program for Macs only, Omnidazzle provides you with a set of “fun and useful enhancements that help you highlight certain areas of your screen, create visual effects and track the location of your mouse pointer.” Perfect for giving your presentations that little extra “wow” factor. ” A great, varied collection of unique Photoshop brushes.

And that’s it for today, everyone. Have a great week, and see ya next Monday.

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